VoIP Phone System

VoIP Phone System : A Complete All in One VoIP Software

VoIP has become as an economical choice for business purpose. Increasingly people are taking interest to take advantage of this prospective market and earning more money by means of the VoIP business. Genuinely it is a great income producer without much investment. However, to make big success and be stable in this profession it is vitally important to have topmost variety of VoIP software.

We commit to give you anything other than best. Adore introduced highly developed and extensive All-in-one VoIP Phone System. By all means, this package of software accompanies an extensive variety of functionalities including:

This System Includes :

  • Wholesale & Retail VoIP
  • Class 5 Softswitch
  • IPPBX System
  • Integrated VoIP Billing
  • CallShop
  • Calling Card System
  • Multi Level Reseller
  • Live Call Report
  • VoIP Mobile Dialer (Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8)
  • PC Softphone

This is the most essential and extensive software package for any mini or huge VoIP providers. This bundle is evaluated considerably low in spite of all required software of VoIP Business.

Why to prefer?

This advanced and new methods innovation can be obtained by any credible VoIP providers. They can start up their own VoIP Calling Business much venture cost. Not just it is inexpensive than the conventional calling techniques, yet it is anything but not difficult to utilize as well. After purchasing this package there is nothing exist to search in VoIP market.

Some most popular benefits of VoIP phone system include:

Class 5 Softswitch

This is extensive SIP based programming that viably connects Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to Internet Networks, in this manner, empowering better supervision of activity and control over the connections.

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Class5 Softswitch


Integrated VoIP Billing

A Billing System to let retailers and wholesalers exercise one-click management. They can do all billings, manage database and create different levels and sub-levels. The user interface is highly intuitive and can also be customized as per the usage preferences of the end-user.

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IPPBX System

Adore Infotech offers an outstanding array of voip solutions. Adore IPPBX System is one such proven voip product that is easy to set up and maintain. It has literally replaced the conventional PBX or phone system, and provides the extension number facility through which one can transfer, conference or make calls in that system.

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IPPBX System


CallShop System

Ever since the Call Shop module came into existence, the customers are taking good advantage by using this service throughout the world. The Adore Call Shop solution offer its client to provide prepaid and postpaid VoIP calling services from their Call shops or Internet cafes all around the world.

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Mobile Dialer

Mobile Dialer

Mobile Dialer allow you to make calls easily using any Android, iPhone or Windows Phone based Smartphone. The smart features and attractive interface can easily attract end user as well.

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Google Play Store iTunes Store Windows Phone8 Store


Premium Softphone allows you to make a voice call over Internet from any desktop computers or notebooks directly to any of the mobile devices or even the conventional landlines phones. The Adore Softphone Premium not only offers the regular features but also lots of premium features which can accelerate and enhance the experience of using the SIP based Softphone.

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