Adore SoftSwitch -Fully Integrated and Redundant Wholesale and Retail VoIP Switch

Adore Infotech, continually tries hard to give particular solution for the business areas for in fact progressed Softswitch. This Softswitch is perfect to give a media server capacity to administration declarations, inward information transfers, conference or multi-way calls and voice over internet protocol calls alongside backing with billing, call routing, signalling and different obstructions. Our offered Softswitch is not confined to any specific class of procedure that helps our firm to give customer particular arrangements.

What is Softswitch?

The Softswitch is essentially a software-based gadget relevant with different sorts of information transfers system to give an effective passage to voice and data traffic along with conference calls. Our offered Softswitch is intended to deal with the web based user-interfaces that thusly helps for getting advanced monitoring and system management applications.

Adore Softswitch based on IMS networks

The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is a concept for an integrated network of telecommunications carriers that would facilitate the use of IP (Internet Protocol) for packet communications in all known forms over wireless or landlines. Softswitch provides the highest dependable and powerful portal to make the phone calls utilizing Internet whilst controlling the association between circuit-exchanged and parcel exchanged system for bother free call directing, signalling and different applications.

Most Reliable Features of our Softswitch:

  • Adaptable in with no reservations one stage for flawlessly incorporation
  • Perfect with an extensive variety of VoIP services
  • Offers customizable and versatile Solution
  • Designed for working through a focal web user interface
  • Economical, Practical and especially easy to install
  • Underpins the most vastest scope of conventions of any Softswitch
  • Genuine forward, forward on occupied or no answer conditions
  • Reject unknown call
  • Particular call acknowledgement and dismissal

Combined with Adore Infotech upright deals endorsement, this Softswitch permits customers to convey bother free and dependable IP-based telecom services in a speedy and consistent way with negligible disturbance for having a low resistance in downtime that adds more indicates its expense viability.

This System Includes:

  • SoftSwitch : Wholesale & Retail VoIP Switch
  • VoIP Billing : Billing, Database & Web Interface
  • Calling Card System
  • Two day Remote Training Program
  • One month Remote support package


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