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Unified Communication System

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What to Like About Both Application?

There is plenty to like about both WhatsApp and Adore Communicator:

  • WhatsApp and Adore Communicator are both free to download.
  • Both services provide end-to-end encryption.
  • WhatsApp and Adore Communicator both supports groups and video calls.
  • Both services are available for just about every mobile device (iOS & Android).
  • They both work over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi.
  • Both offer instant messaging, voice, and video call to other users.
  • Both allow transmission of photos, documents, spreadsheets, and audio and video clips.

Additional Features in Adore Communicator which WhatsApp does not have

  • PSTN Calling (Landline, GSM Calling)
  • International Mobile Top up (Worldwide)
  • Video Conferencing in Android and iPhone App

Importance Of OTT VoIP/ Mobile OTT App / Unified Communication and Collaboration

You can always knock our doors for your requirement of a OTT VoIP/ Mobile OTT App / Unified Communication and Collaboration. With the help of the OTT VoIP/ Mobile OTT App / Unified Communication and Collaboration, the users can connect or call using the Internet. There are a number of benefits of using OTT VoIP/ Mobile OTT App / Unified Communication and Collaboration for your Voice, Video Conferencing, Group Chat, Instant Messaging, Geo Location and Presence.

Highlighted Features:

Electricity's Bill Payment

Pay your bill at one click

DTH / TV Recharge

Recharge your TV bill

Data Bundle Recharge

Recharge your data bundle worldwide

mobile dialer

Mobile Airtime Topup

Recharge your family & Friends Mobile Topup worldwide

Balance Transfer

PIN to PIN Balance transfer via app

Mobile Money Wallet

Send Money Worldwide

OTT VoIP/ Mobile OTT App / Unified Communication System Includes :

  • Softswitch, SIP Server, Voice Service and IVR
  • Video & IM (Chat) Server : Video , IM (Chat) , Presence and Conferencing
  • VoIP Billing : Billing, Database & Web Interface
  • Calling Card System
  • Android Communicator : Voice, Video (Conferencing) & IM (Group Chat)
  • iPhone Communicator : Voice, Video (Conferencing) & IM (Group Chat)

Unified Communication System: Communicator Dialers

Android Communicator

Android Communicator : Voice, Video (Conferencing) & IM (Group Chat)

With Android VoIP apps like Android Communicator, your experience of video and voice calling in addition to Instant Messenger (IM) becomes amazing and outstanding. Apps like this comes integrated with many more such features that make these types of Android apps most demanding and desirable. In order to enjoy the amazing functionality, features and user-interface of apps like these, you need to have access to Internet via Wi-Fi or over 3G / 4G, only then you will be able to enjoy the sophisticated and easy-to-use interface of VoIP apps for Android as Android Communicator (Voice, Video & IM(Group Chat)).

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iPhone Communicator : Voice, Video (Conferencing) & IM (Group Chat)

The iPhone Communicator is a brand new iPhone VoIP app, available in the app store today. The user-friendly iPhone app provides the users of iPhone mobile with accelerated and enhanced unified communication experience. The iPhone communicator, built-on the SIP platform, allows you to take advantage of the outstanding audio call through the additionally embedded features of Instant Messaging and Video-calling. All what you need to do is just connect your iPhone with Internet and enjoy the experience of minimal cost communication through the iPhone VoIP apps like iPhone communicator. Supported by latest iOS version.

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iphone Communicator

A Complete Business Communication at One Platform

Unified Communication system is the greatly progressive and dependable business communication framework. It is evolved to improve efficiency through incorporated communication experience of voice, video and Instant Messaging (IM). Improved with hearty and transporter evaluation highlights, it offers wealthier client experience mixed with corporate level productivity. By joining different correspondence innovations at one stage, the Adore unified communication system gives the most extreme quality of audio communication (Mobile Phones) and acquaintance with best experience of video conference alongside instant messaging server and Softswitch. Well-founded on the progressed technological planning model, Adore unified communication framework is intended to give the productive teamed up business correspondence stage for little and huge endeavors to deal with their different plans of action rapidly, expertly and reliably. Hence, you may have an enriched business communication with video conferencing, instant messaging while conferencing and many other features. Our Unified Communication System brings the efficiency and collaboration in business with the next generation communication experience in real time.

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Key Features – The Attributes of Our integrated Communication System are

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

Unified Communication
  • Call control and multimodal communications
  • High definition voice and video
  • Instant messaging
  • Presence
  • Mobility
Account and user management
  • SIP Support
  • Multiple Calls on one account
  • Account for New Phone Number
  • Customer management
  • Prepaid/Postpaid recharge
  • Agent account
  • Batch management
  • Signup(customer)
  • Account detail(Agent,Customer)
  • Caller ID Authentication
  • Recharge/Payment Online
Rate Management
  • Billing Increment
  • PEAK & OFF-PEAK rates
  • Expiry of rates
  • Import Rate sheet
  • Rate-sheet Simulator
Gateway Management
  • Multiple Provider supported
  • Multiple Gateway supported
Billing Reports and Invoice management
  • CDR (Admin,Agent,Customer)
  • Profit & loss report(Admin,Agent)
  • Traffic Report
  • Search Criteria for reporting
  • Export report to PDF & CSV
  • Invoice generation
  • LCR (Least Cost Routing)
Calling Card
  • Pin base calling card
  • Pinless calling card
IVR Management
  • IVR prompts( balance,destination, credit time)
  • Customize IVR in multilanguage
DID Support
  • DID incoming
  • Manage DIDs for customer with different criteria
  • Phone to PC
  • Reports
Calling Features
  • PC-Phone
  • Device-Phone
  • Phone-Phone
  • PC-PC
  • Device-Device
  • Call Recording
Web Interface
  • Multi Language Support
  • Real Time Customized Billing Interface (Color & Theme of Form, Table, Menu & Buttons)
Additional Features
  • Multi currency support for Balance Announcement
  • Auto Recharge
  • Signup
  • Email activation to verify customer email address
  • User Validation support for admin
  • Data Base backup and Restore Facility
  • Export data into XML or CSV
Communicator Features:(Android and iOS)
  • Audio Call (App to App and App to PSTN)
  • Video Call (App to App)
  • Video Conferencing
  • Instant Messaging / App to App Chat
  • Group Chat
  • Call Conferencing
  • File Sharing ( Picture, messages, images, videos and files Sharing)
  • Chat History
  • Geo Location Based Calling
  • Invite to friend
  • Background Syncing
  • Push Notification and Floating Notification
  • In-app registration for new users using their mobile no. (similar to Whatsapp
  • SMS authentication with one time Password
  • In-app recharge using Paypal and Credit card information
  • Top-up using credit card or voucher
  • Recent Call
  • Phone Book (Synchronize with Phone Address Book)
  • NAT/Firewall support
  • STUN server Support
  • Codec Supported :- Audio Codec(G729), Video Codec (VP8)
  • Registration Timeout
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation
  • Packet Lost Concealment (PLC)
  • Comfort Noise Generator (CNG)
  • Customized with company logo/name
  • Unlimited user license

Unified Communication System: System Specification

AdoreInfotech recommends following Hardware and operating system.

Hardware Requirements: Intel Core i5 Processor /32 Gb RAM/1 TB HDD

Software Requirements:
  • Linux CENTOS 7.x (complete installation)
  • Yum Server
Internet connection:

The use of a 1Gbit Ethernet card is a prerequisite for Adore system with good broadband internet connection .

Pre-installation Considerations:

Here is some information that we think is worth knowing prior to installing the Adore Unified Communication System.

  • Linux server should be on public IP.
  • SSL Certificate should be install on the Linux server

Carrier which supports SIP calls, g711, g723 and g729 codecs.


AdoreInfotech requires remote access of server for installation. The installation will be done by SSH connection on Linux server. Its installation requires internet facility and the time taken for its set up mainly depends on the nature and amount of customization to be done and the nature of service provider’s infrastructure. Our competent and reliable force of engineers renders spectacular services in solving every bit of installation related problem.

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