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Android Communicator

Unified Communication System

Unified Communication system is the greatly progressive and dependable business communication framework. It is evolved to improve efficiency through incorporated communication experience of voice, video conferencing and Instant Messaging (Group Chat). Improved with hearty and transporter evaluation highlights, it offers wealthier client experience mixed with corporate level productivity. Unified Communication System includes Android Communicator and iPhone Communicator with various features.

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All In One VoIP Phone System

Our greatly famous and impactful VoIP Software products Softswitch, VoIP Billing ,IPPBX, Callshop, Wholesale VoIP, Calling Card System, Customized Mobile Dialer and Branded Softphone have set a standard in telecom market with reasonable price and deserving features for VoIP Providers. Recently, we have changed the genre of VoIP Providers by reforming the quality and productivity of service with our latest Adore Wholesale VoIP product.

Endless Possibilities: The Only Solution You Need

Whether you’re an individual running a company or a large enterprise, whether you run your business on-the-go or from an office, Adore Infotech a leading VoIP solution provider for business & has every solution for you. Anyone can use the Adore Infotech VoIP software. We are one of the best-selling, as well as cost-effective, and efficient services in the field of the telecom industry.

Adore Infotech since its inception in 2001, has today emerged as the global leader in developing innovative and reliable telecom solutions and we aim to keep this reputation growing. Recently, we have brought a reform in the category of VoIP providers by changing the quality and productivity of our services via our latest Adore Wholesale VoIP product. Get in touch with us today for Free Wholesale & Retail VoIP Softswitch Demo or how to start own VoIP Business. We promise to give you nothing but the best.

Class 5 Softswitch

Adore infotech’s Class 5 Softswitch offers a carrier-grade platform for business and residential VoIP routing. It can also provide other VoIP phone services such as call waiting call, call transferring, call holding, and call forwarding. A Class 5 Softswitch is used to for call trunking and IP/Mobile VoIP services. This is mostly intended for end users requiring local and long distance VoIP telephony services. Physical switchboards were previously used to route phone calls, but today owing to the advances in the telecommunication industry, software has been developed to route telephone calls via the internet.

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We provide Telecom & VoIP Software Solutions for your Businesses

We understand that communication is essential for your business. This calls the need for a compatible VoIP Solution that will grow with the success of your enterprise. We realise that your business VoIP services operate over a high-speed Internet connection, delivered through our privately owned and operated network. We are a leading VoIP provider for business & bring to you the best features of voice mobility and web portal management, with which your business will be more productive on this reliable and cost-efficient technology.

Empower employees with collaboration and mobility features. VoIP software for business phone service is available as a stand-alone solution or chooses a fully integrated Voice and Data bundle for guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS). You can overcome your biggest hurdles with business phone service and more, from Adore Infotech. It’s a snap to turn on, easy to use, and astonishingly affordable. Compete against the big guys and win, with services that project an image as big as your ambitions.

More businesses in our service area trust Optimum to help keep their business connected. We know how much work it takes to run a business and know there is no better feeling than having a partner you can trust to deliver superior communication services.

White Label (Co-Branding) Solution

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Work with all standard SIP SoftSwitches

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