Unified Communication System

UNIFIED COMMUNICATION SYSTEM – A Complete Business Communication at One Platform

Unified Communication system is the greatly progressive and dependable business communication framework.  It is evolved to improve efficiency through incorporated communication experience of voice, video and Instant Messaging (IM).  Improved with hearty and transporter evaluation highlights, it offers wealthier client experience mixed with corporate level productivity.

By joining different correspondence innovations at one stage, the Adore unified communication system gives the most extreme quality of audio communication (PC and Mobile) and acquaintance with best experience of video conference alongside instant messaging server and Softswitch.  Well-founded on the progressed technological planning model, Adore unified communication framework is intended to give the productive teamed up business correspondence stage for little and huge endeavours to deal with their different plans of action rapidly, expertly and reliably.

Hence, you may have an enriched business communication with video conferencing, instant messaging while conferencing and many other features. Our Unified Communication System brings the efficiency and collaboration in business with the next generation communication experience in real time.

Unified Communication System Includes :

  • SIP Server: SIP Registrar, SIP Proxy , Video , IM and Presence Server
  • Media Server : Voice Services, IVR & Conferencing
  • VoIP Billing : Billing, Database & Web Interface
  • Calling Card System
  • Windows PC Communicator (Voice, Video & IM)
  • MAC PC Communicator( Voice & Video)
  • Android Communicator (Voice, Video & IM)
  • iPhone Communicator (Voice, Video & IM)
  • Windows Phone Communicator (Voice & Video)

Unified Communication System: Communicator Dialers

Android Communicator (Voice, Video & IM)

With Android VoIP apps like Android Communicator, your experience of video and voice calling in addition to Instant Messenger (IM) becomes amazing and outstanding. Apps like this comes integrated with many more such features that make these types of Android apps most demanding and desirable. In order to enjoy the amazing functionality, features and user-interface of apps like these, you need to have access to Internet via Wi-Fi or over 3G / 4G, only then you will be able to enjoy the sophisticated and easy-to-use interface of VoIP apps for Android as Android Communicator (Voice, Video & IM).

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Android Communicator
Google Play Store

iPhone Video Softphone

iTunes Store

iPhone Communicator(Voice, Video & IM)

The iPhone Communicator is a brand new iPhone VoIP app, available in the app store today. The user-friendly iPhone app provides the users of iPhone mobile with accelerated and enhanced unified communication experience. The iPhone communicator, built-on the SIP platform, allows you to take advantage of the outstanding audio call through the additionally embedded features of Instant Messaging and Video-calling. All what you need to do is just connect your iPhone with Internet and enjoy the experience of minimal cost communication through the iPhone VoIP apps like iPhone communicator. Supported by iOS 5.x, 6.x and 7.x.

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Windows Phone8 Communicator (Voice & Video)

Adore Infotech comes up with the new and advanced unified Communicator for Windows Phone 8 that blends the robustness and sophistication with the corporate mobility. Enriched with multitude of features, our Windows Phone 8 Communicator is the collaboration of various communication technologies at one platform. With the sophisticated and stylish design, this communicator brings you the astounding VoIP communication experience in real time which encompasses voice call, video conferencing. Our Unified Communication Client for Windows Phone 8 matches up with the exceptional classiness of various leading mobile devices based on Windows Phone 8 OS.

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Windows Phone Video Softphone

Windows Phone8 Store

Windows PC Communicator

Windows PC Communicator (Voice, Video & IM)

Adore PC Communicator is a softphone application which is developed specially for the PC based on the Windows operating system. It can allow you to use your PC, Laptop or Notebook to make voice and video calls along with the newly integrated Instant Messaging and Data transfer functionality. Armed with the latest technology of VoIP Communication, it is just the fun to install and use.

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MAC PC Communicator (Voice & Video)

The robust SIP-based Softphone for MAC is an ideal software for those looking to enjoy an amazing Mac PC-to-Phone calling experience. The outstanding software comes integrated with all the staggering features that allow you to have an experience of the VoIP Audio-Video Call journey in addition to the refined and enhanced voice quality as well as a constant visual chat. Since the MAC computer is sophisticated, the PC Communicator can work best with the former. You have it in your MAC system, this easy to use and install Softphone software would certainly be your pride, and give the complexion to others.

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MAC PC Communicator

Feature Diagram

Unified System Feature Diagram

Call Flow Diagram

Call Flow Diagram

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