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Welcome to the World of Advanced & Cutting Edge VoIP Software Solutions. Cater the Complete Communication Need of Your Business with our Softswitch and SIP Server

Voice over IP from Adore InfoTech has eminently reinvented the way you use your phone by comprehensively merging it with your present high speed Internet connection. Adore InfoTech is a leading VoIP Solution Provider, their efficient module converts your voice into simplified data and uses your modern day high speed Internet connection to receive and send calls. With this preeminent VoIP Provider you can connect your business or home with VoIP service and start enjoying the remarkable voice clarity, powerful new integrated features, and comprehensive savings that Adore InfoTech as a leading VoIP Solution Provider can deliver.

Adore InfoTech seamlessly develops and designs comprehensive VoIP Software, their leading software module, the Adore InfoTech Softswitch is a preeminent all-in-one platform that can seamlessly integrate all the tools that a service providers would need to deliver. This efficient module also manages eminently all the requirement of VoIP Billing along with a wide range of other competitive VoIP services. A scalable and customizable solution, the Adore InfoTech Softswitch adapts to the provider’s requirements and business model.

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VoIP Phone & Billing System

All-in-One VoIP System :

  • Fully integrated, Turn-key wholesale & retail VoIP solution for your business
  • Boost your margins with highly affordable enterprise-grade one stop VoIP solutions
  • Best of breed enterprise-class flexible softswitch multilevel reseller billing solution
  • Advanced routing system with multiple routing capabilities
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction with global calling card solution
  • Empower your VoIP service with various triggering modules
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The Adore InfoTech Unified Communication System provides real-time interactive video and audio communication with multiple numbers of locations via the Internet. It simply frees you from the very constraints of environment and locations that were imposed by the conventional video conferencing systems. The Unified Communication System has been developed and designed to provide efficient collaboration of the business communication platform for big and small organisations, it helps them in managing various business models quickly and consistently.

With Adore InfoTech you can enter the progressive world of Voice over IP with minimum cost and effort. Enhanced Hosted VoIP services from Adore InfoTech provides advanced and efficient communication tools and enhanced calling features, all these Hosted VoIP features have been completely managed and hosted for our clients by the industry’s leading VoIP Providers the Adore InfoTech. Your organization through our efficient platform can avoid significant investments while reaping the utmost benefits of VoIP.