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VoIP Phone System

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Class 5 Softswitch

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One Place of Complete VoIP Solution to fulfill Your Business needs. Connect to get desired outcome of your Telecom Profession

Welcome to the Modern era of VoIP. Being one of the best VoIP Solution Providers, Adore Infotech has successfully completed its decade in the service of VoIP Software Solution. Our greatly famous and impactful products Softswitch, VoIP Billing , IPPBX, Wholesale VoIP, Calling Card System, Customized Mobile Dialer and Branded Softphone have set a standard in telecom market with reasonable price and deserving features. Recently, we have changed the genre of VoIP Service Providers by reforming the quality and productivity of service with our latest Adore Wholesale VoIP product.

We provide single package deal VoIP Phone System also know as All-in-One VoIP System. It is the best suitable to start up VoIP Calling Business in very less investment with appropriate profit. Adore VoIP Phone System has become best-selling product in the field of Telecom Industries. It is the combination of robust and advanced VoIP Software. We have build up our own identity in the world of software service industries by dint of newest development and instant customer support. As VoIP is rapidly turning into a prominent medium of correspondence, it turns into an overwhelming errand for the wholesalers to charge the expanding number of affiliates. Proficient billing software can spare time and give precision. Perused on to know why it is vital for your business and what the qualities of good billing programming are. The telecom business experiences changes quickly, whether it is a change from landlines to remote correspondence with cellular telephones or to a propelled arrangement of VoIP.


VoIP Phone System

VoIP Phone System

VoIP has emerged as a lucrative business option. More and more people are trying to milk this potential market and earn money through the VoIP business. True! It is a high revenue generator with low cost on investment. However, to succeed and make it big in the market it is imperative to have best-in-breed VoIP Software.

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Class 5 Softswitch

The provided Softswitch is basically a software-based device compatible with various kinds of telecommunications network to provide an efficient gateway for voice and data traffic along with conference calls. In addition to this, our offered Softswitch is designed to manage the web based user-interfaces that in turn helps for getting advanced monitoring and system management applications.

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Class5 Softswitch
Mobile Dialer

VoIP Mobile Dialer

The popular mobile operating systems which is compatible with the majority of Mobile Dialer are Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 8. These OS are used in major brands of mobile phones of the world. Once the Mobile Dialer software is installed on the compatible mobile device then one just need the data connectivity through any options whether through 3G, WiFi, GPRS or Hot Spots to get the work start without any hassle.

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VoIP Fresh,PRIMETECH SRLS- ITALY"Having realized that IT is a core competency for ADOREINFOTECH PVT.LTD, we have partnered with who we think is best-of-breed in the industry. ADOREINFOTECH PVT.LTD, in my opinion, is head and shoulders above the competition in each of those areas in terms of someone that we would trust with running business as critical to us. We saw ADOREINFOTECH PVT.LTD as somebody whom we think we can trust or entrust with caring for that part of the infrastructure."
Globus Telecom, Germany"I am very pleased with where we are with ADOREINFOTECH PVT.LTD today. It has been a good relationship and the people are very good. I think they are doing a good job. The people’s hearts are at the right place and I think it is going to be a high ride."
Mr. S. Okonkwo, founder of Hello World." Customer service representative was very courteous and knowledgeable. He was able to resolve my problem in a timely manner."
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Mr. Raja, R & R Telecom Limited"Adore Infotech deserve the appreciation for the technical service provided. 1st day to till now I had a lot of queries regarding the soft switch as i buy through to you. I contact with you on Skype lot of time and you have solved my problem very nicely. for the technical support relay your tech team is very professional and helpful. I must say the correct and prompt support extended by them was appreciable.They answered all my queries and was very polite and helpful throughout the Skype or phone in any time. You should certainly feel proud of such resources, who can bring in goodwill for the company. I appreciate the way you have trained your staff and the way they are following their duty perfectly. Keep up the good work. Once again thank you for the good service and I wish the company a lot of success."
Mr. Sumit Dwivedi, Tele Asian LLC"You people have good capability, quality and learning attitude towards your work. We always appreciate these things of you guys and we are very thankful to you for your support and expect the same for future.. We wish appreciate to your whole Adore team and your family.. Great Work Done by U Guys Enjoy and Cheers!!!!!!!!!! ".
Peter Elaiho, General Manager, Deknight, USAToday I have to inform you how good adore teams are working with me; supporting my billing software training needed for my business operation. From the sale Team to Technical Support Team; all are fantastic in there profession. Starting with Adore; from the very first day Adore company sales manager introduce me to Technicals, they are being so helpful to me. I say thanks a million for all your valuable support and to adore technician, I am for ever grateful for supporting me with all needed information and training. You’re all fantastic; keep the good work as Adore Billing Software is one of the best in the industries today. To the person looking for service; Adore have one of the best customers service and sale support you can find around. In fact, dealing with similar companies "AdoreSoft" has the best "respond timing” during negotiation and even after sale! Bravo to the Adore Team for the "A" Class service".
Murad Heerjee, President"It has been many months of shopping around for a Softphone that would suit our needs and budget...Adore was the answer! I really did not think that I would receive a fine product like this with my un orthodox skin, for the very reasonable price that was quoted. It was different from the traditional phones on the market, but then, so are we, as a VoIP company... different than most."
Alf Erik Christensen, General Manager, Softphone-World S.L."I want to give the staff at AdoreInfotech both the Sales Team and the Development Team a very high rating for their follow-up. E-Mails or Direct Messages or Phone Calls to these teams are always responded to promptly, and they serve you solutions that are realistic to evaluate and to incorporate".
Nasser Bakr, General Manager, etiEsal Ltd, Egypt"It was a great opportunity when I intended develop branded software to my company. And it was the greatest chances when Adore was selected from among ten offers looking to make an agreement with them. And always at business is the better choice and better acquaintance always been since the start of the deal and has been looking better because they are able to earn the required bid and was also better for my company when it was agreed with looking for the completion of the work required. And since the start of the work required completing the project i began ensure that I did not chose bad and eventually Adore confirmed me that I had chose the best choice to make this complete deal with them. Actually they are the best for me; try it you will never lose."
Chris Spicer , Citrus Telecommunication."Citrus carried out a lengthy search to find a cost effective softphone application that would meet all of our requirements. Adoresoftphone was chosen both for being both cost effective and for being willing and able to incorporate a number of modifications and design features. The manner in which Adoresoftphone dealt with all of our requests both technical and commercially was without fault with the end result being that we now have a softphone that meets all of our requirements".
M. Al Fahal , General Manager , Original Group"It was a great experience dealing with AdoreSoft. They have one of the best customers service and After sale support you can find around. In fact during my past few years dealing with similar companies they "AdoreSoft" has the best "respond timing" either during the negotiation or even after sale!. Thank You Adore Team for the "A" Class service".
Amir Ibrahim , President & CEO, PCTelcom Inc , Canada"As we started with the VoIP business AdoreInfotech was very helpful and professional, giving the right advice in the right time and above all First class technical support which is extremely important in this business and AdoreInfotech are always available using all kind of communication , Phone , Fax , E-mail , MSN , Yahoo you name it… In short They have done a great job with in PCTelcom and I would absolutely recommend AdoreInfotech to any company who want to be successes in VoIP because simply they are the Best."
Lior Herman - Voice Over IP Products Manager,Suomen Puhelin Oy., Finland" Lately we looked for a developer partner to develop for us a SIP web client application according to some demands and standard. We were lucky to find Adoresoftphone to develop our web phone, we gave Adore hi standard demands for the product functionality with a short time table for completing the task. Adore stand for all their commitments as agreed before in the correct time table when they satisfy us with all features and changes we asked before and during the development.All the sales and support team was all the time available for questions and changes and respond in real time. As a very demand customer I was impressed from the kindness, petitions and treat that we got from Adore.I would recommend Adore to anyone that would like to have a good serious development company with hi availability, personal treatment, professionals solutions, very reasonable price and positive attitude. I am sure that in the future we will keep in touch with Adore for more developments for our customer's demands "
Mr. Phillip Ben, Ireland"Using Adore SoftSwitch & VoIP Billing, we are able to run my VoIP business without any hassle. Its divers-layer security system provides protection from suspicious hacking issue. Thanks to adore provides 24X7 Customer support along with qualified support staff full of devoted and professionals."
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