Since the telecommunication industry is so diversified. We have understood that no single company can provide all the telecom solutions to the customers. Through the partnership, we can offer a wide range of complementary products and services to our customers.

The alliance partnership provides flexibility in defining a customized relationship between the alliance partner and AdoreInfotech marketing programs, resource allocation, discounts and/or referral fees, etc are based on the commitment level made by both parties. AdoreInfotech will provide the necessary technical support and training to alliance partner’s to understand the software products.

The affiliate partner program provides a supplemental revenue opportunity to company able to provide a qualified sales leads to AdoreInfotech. The base level program established a formal sales referral relationship with companies selling related products and services to target markets served by AdoreInfotech.

The Strategic partner program is the most beneficial agreement in terms of revenue opportunity, flexibility and partner support. AdoreInfotech strategic partners integrate AdoreInfotech technology into their product to go to market with a more complete and competitive solution. Strategic partners have the option of either privately labeling or co-branding AdoreInfotech products.

If you want to be a partner with AdoreInfotech, either as a reseller or as a strategy partner, please contact us today at

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