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In the revolutionised world driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning it has become an easy task to imitate human thinking and behaviour. Now communication has become intelligent through smart chatbots using artificial intelligence. Chatbots are leveraging the advances in the field of data science and are continuing to contribute to the businesses bottom line. Online conversations have been automated using chatbots that mimic humans in close proximity. Chatbots have widely contributed in extracting satisfaction from customers and aided the business of many well settled companies and start-ups. Customers are getting digital experience through chatbots and these are equally important to the companies to cut down their cost and increase their brand level. Chatbots are today’s communication champion. When the concept of chatbot came into place it came with different features or characteristics that it must encompass to be called as a chatbot.

Why should you use a chatbot?

If you had to a choose an app or a chatbot, you’d choose an app for its interface, however you’d choose the chatbot for its simplicity. A chatbot ought to be straightforward to use, or not in the slightest degree.

Chatbots are mostly use in two cases:

» Conversational: When an app can’t do it because multiple variable inputs are needed to solve the problem.
» Simplicity: When a bot offers the most immediate and direct solution to a person’s problem

Adore Infotech is one of the best worldwide pioneers with regards to provide New and Next Level AI(Artificial intelligence) technology with priority and Credibility. So however can we endure this technological hurdle? The answer: information, data, and a lot of information. one amongst the simplest ways in which to enhance a chatbot is to perpetually train it and obtain it to reply to completely different human interactions. The a lot of information you feed a chatbot, the higher it will adapt to human speech and every one its idiosyncrasies, and therefore the higher you get at achieving that ‘human-like’ speech level.


Human – Oriented

Since chatbot uses artificial intelligence and many data analysis algorithms behind it must be designed in propinquity to human response. A chatbot must give a sense as if a customer is talking to a person digitally and not the robot. Today chatbots are being used for customer helpline and support services so it is important to maintain the human approach towards the responses generated by the chatbot on customer messages.

Carry out daily routines

Moreover chatbots are also used to daily tasks such as booking hotel, finding good restaurant, booking appointments , booking movie tickets etc. hence it must be smart enough to learn from the given instances and historical data. Chatbots also give a feature to mark and carry out our daily chores such as it can remind for reading a book, or tell daily weather or offer with a fresh joke on daily basis based on user’s choice which he wants to apply. Chatbots like Google Allo, Cortana etc. have been proved successful in carrying out these tasks.


Relevant Conversation

Another important feature that a chatbot must inculcate is it must drive the conversation forward in relevant direction and must have ability to understand the context of conversation. It must deal with the ambiguity of the words and the clashes between different sentences and provide with the relevant responses. It must discover interesting facts and responses that can be given at the given point of time to turn up the conversation to the benefit and interest of the customer.


There is no need for the user to repeat what he needs or what he really means by a particular phrase. Chatbots are based on learning from the past experiences and have a good say on reinforcement learning. If the responses of the bot are precise, short and straightforward then it will be good to save time and effort of the customer.


Pleasant experience and drive out satisfaction

User satisfaction is an important key to any successful business and it is highly recommended to be able to get this feature through the chatbot itself. Other than this chatbots portray a persona through its conversations. It is good to have a pleasant and friendly experience with the bot. If the chatbot is communicating over voice then the persona must match the defined personality through voice.

Focussed and Engaging

Chatbots that are more function focussed then it will help customers to get engaged for longer period which defines the quality of developed chatbot. Also chatbots are more of simple User Interface then a decorative graphical interface so that it enhances effortless and easy communication with simple and smart functionality.


To the point and smart response

Also the conversations of the chatbots must be short and must cut to the point instead of beating around the bush. Since it’s all algorithms that work behind the scenes chatbots are developed and designed in a manner which identifies the requirement and the absolute solution the problem statement.

Simple Text-oriented UI

In coming future it is possible to get more featured chatbot with decorative UIs and incorporated images and videos. Today chatbots are more of a textual interface but may progress to become more audio-visual oriented structure to define user demands and compatibility.


Realistic response time

One another significant feature of the chatbot is that it must generate response not so quickly and not too late so that it is able to extract a human like response and generate a sense as if a human is interacting and not a robot.

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