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What is Unified Communication System?

What is Unified Communication System?

As technology is evolving, we are entering an age where a particular desk, phone or computer screen is no longer needed for work. Professionals have the freedom to share their skills and pursue new opportunities around the world, all it requires is the right device and cloud connection. Today in this post we will talk about Unified communication. Our aim to develop communication, collaboration and productivity.  

What is Unified Communication System?

Unified communication (UC) system refers to a new communication model that integrates computer technology and traditional communication technology.  As a solution and application, its core content is to allow people to pass any device at any time and any place.  It provides free access to any network, data, images and sound.  In other words, the integrated communication system integrates all types of information such as voice, fax, e-mail, mobile short messaging, multimedia and data, giving people the freedom to improve choice and efficiency.

Unified communication provides a more personalized and timely communication method for your employees.

Unified communication system is not only a voice and video solution, but also a strategic investment.  The device integrates voice, data, video, security, and mobile features into an intelligent solution that can be used with your existing devices.  With this, the process can be collaborated to improve the company’s flexibility and competitiveness, and increase profitability can be achieved.

Unified communication refers to the use of advanced technology to break the boundaries of current communication methods (such as e-mail, real-time text messages, telephone, and multimedia conferences) focused on devices and networks, so long as people most commonly use communication tools  And use the application, can communicate quickly and efficiently with colleagues, customers and partners.


Today, mobile workers are playing an increasingly important role in various enterprises.  UC Unified Communications can help you contact mobile employees and increase their productivity at any time.  The network has ubiquitous features and various intelligent features, which can identify your location and contact you at the location of your choice via preference settings, while the mobile feature does not let you miss any calls.  The Unified Communications solution enables you to contact the first person to use the most effective medium.  Mobile phone and smart phone users can coordinate conversations, collaborate with colleagues and view Cisco Unity voice message messages. Employees can view colleagues’ online status, determine if they can reach them, and then safely view their personal and company directory information, choosing to contact is their best approach.

Thanks to ease of use, UC Unified Communications enables users to use any existing wired or wireless devices to contact people, communication devices, and content needed at any location.

Easy to deploy

UC Unified Communications can help the IT workers navigate their communications environments effectively with easy, intuitive telephone, routing, switching and security network management tools. An intuitive browser-based system management interface significantly simplifies your integrated network’s deployment, maintenance and day-to-day management, reducing your overall ownership costs.

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