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VoIP Phone Systems is Scalable and Flexible Communication System of Modern Era

VoIP Phone Systems is Scalable and Flexible Communication System of Modern Era

Gone are the days when small business requirements were tangled in complicated and miffing wiring systems. Now as the modern workforce is demanding the prevailing PBX phone system have taken a back seat. On front seats exists the modern IP phones also called VoIP phones. The VoIP phone system empowers the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trends and supports mobility throughout the worldly business collaborations. The IP PBX phone systems also known to be IP – PBX or Virtual PBX have evolved from the traditional PBXs. Now the dollars from the wallet won’t be slipped out nor will the bills of long distance communication bother the organisations throughout the world.


Today’s IP phones have much more to offer to people be it enhancing the customer service , offering mobility and flexibility ,reducing legacy PBX phone system costs or transforming our business into large arena. It has left no stone unturned to become the better version of it. Now when the IP phone systems or VoIP phone systems have evolved they are being integrated with variety of services such as cloud services etc. Local Area Network (LAN) is the backbone of the VoIP phone system which connects VoIP phones and VoIP system providers to VoIP PBXs.The basic features or functionalities provided by the VoIP phones includes Direct Inward Dialing (DID),Call Park ,Call pick-up, Call monitoring, Call recording, Caller ID, Auto Attendant, Voicemail, Call queues ,Call routing, Conference Calling, Web based management ,ability to use VoIP and PSTN calling methods ,Call reporting ,analytics and monitoring, remote or virtual extensions.

Now a thought can cross our minds that how VoIP phones are edge over the traditional Phone systems. So, the above written functionalities are just basic functions and there is much more ahead of this. It might take many hours to count the advantages of VoIP phones or the way in which it is better than analog phones as the list is quite lengthy. But as time constraints are concerned the benefits that are major to VoIP phone systems may include remote deployments, cost savings, transparency in system, and increase in productivity and efficiency of business organisations and scalability.

As for telecommuters it has become easy to work from home. Now the employers can keep track on telecommuters and employees can also have access to remote office works. All this because of VoIP phones that work over the internet protocol in a WAN or LAN. Since there is no need to maintain and support the networks therefore it reduces maintenance and support costs and also reduce bills of remote calls as all calls are made over the internet where bandwidth play a major role and not the cost. As far as visibility and transparency is concerned there can be a real time access to analytics, queue statistics and call recording etc. With the ability of VoIP systems to integrate with other business systems such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) VoIP systems have been productive and efficient in the organisation. Additional extensions can be added to VoIP systems making it scalable and flexible.

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