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VoIP Phone System: a complete solution for your VoIP Business

VoIP Phone System: a complete solution for your VoIP Business

As the name indicates, VoIP phone system is hardware based device used to send and receive calls at the transmitter and reception end over an IP network. This advance telephone system converts the audio signals in the digital form such that it can be transmitted over the internet. It also converts back the digital phone signals from the internet into the standard telephone audio to establish a secured communication. These phones are therefore also known as IP phones as other than the traditional phones that work on Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), the VoIP phones work on Internet Protocol (IP).


What are the types of VoIP phones?

Primarily, there are two types of VoIP phone systems namely, hardware based VoIP phone systems and software based VoIP phone systems. If we talk about the physical appearance, the hardware based VoIP phone systems resemble the traditional telephones that are either cordless or hardwired. The physical features of the VoIP phone systems include display hardware to display the caller id, touchpad, and a speaker or a microphone. These phone systems are capable of call transfer, multiparty calling and support for multiple VoIP accounts.

The software based VoIP phones also commonly referred as softphones are usually the software clients that are directly installed to your operating system. The interface of a softphone remembers any mobile phone handset with a touchpad and caller ID display function. The users are allowed to make calls using their device which includes a built-in microphone.

What are the advantages of VoIP phone systems?

The lists of benefits related to the VoIP phone systems go endless. However, the most significant ones are bossed out and listed below.

  • Reduced call costs than traditional calling systems
  • Best return on investment
  • Reduced cost of hardware and software for calling
  • Simplified audio and video conferencing
  • Scalability or mobility of services
  • Flexibility of plans
  • Worldwide access
  • Efficient use of network bandwidth
  • Extensive additional features
  • Highly reliable
  • Better communication experience
  • Great audio and video quality
  • Highly reliable
  • Supports FAX over IP which no other operating system can
  • Ease of installation, management, configuration and maintenance
  • Easy integration with other business systems

What are VoIP Switch and VoIP Billing?

VoIP switch, also known as soft switch is a device that I’d used to power up VoIP in conjunction with other networking devices. It is one of the viral devices of the VoIP infrastructure as it is a scalable SIP platform that is known to support a wide range of business scenarios that includes calling cards, whole VoIP termination, hosted call centers, retail operations and call back services.

VoIP billing also popularly known as invoicing is the process of generation of the invoices that are required to recover the sale prices either from the customer or prepaid, postpaid or real time. It is basically a crucial part of Telco eco system which is a platform with embedded features and modules like routing, billing, cracking and monitoring.

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