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VoIP Communication System has completely modernized the telecom into the advanced technology

VoIP Communication System has completely modernized the telecom into the advanced technology

The innovation in software and hardware technologies and mass usage of intranet and internet has lead to the emergence of a novel technology called VoIP which involves delivery of voice, video, images etc to end users.  Also the way business is carried out nowadays has become dynamic with communication being the basic key. The essential thing to run any business is to make the clients and employees and other counterparts of the organization stay connected through communication. The present VoIP telephones have considerably more to offer to individuals be it upgrading the client benefit, offering versatility and adaptability, diminishing heritage conventional telephone framework costs or changing our business into extensive field. It has investigated every possibility to end up its better form.


With internet availability and its cheapness in terms of communication has lead it to be used to run organizations and ditching the old telephone system. VoIP Phone which is a cloud based communication system heightens the productivity of the business organizations. VoIP features have made its mark in expanding businesses, monitoring employees, work flow and build customer loyalty seamlessly. Analog signals are converted into digital signals that travel over the internet and caters to the need of end users. A special VoIP phone software gadget is called a softphone can be used to place calls directly or with a traditional phone connected to a specific adapter. Wireless hot spots also enable to use VoIP service wireless. Requirements for VoIP phone service includes a high speed internet connectivity which can be provided through a cable modem or DSL or LAN.

A bevy of features are provided by VoIP. Businesses feel the importance of VoIP in the capital investments, maintenance and small expenses they incur especially as compared to traditional PBXs communication systems.  Features such as flexibility, scalability and efficiency make it more adorable to users. Diving deeper into technical aspects of VoIP standards will make us study about the interoperability standards which are created by software that can connect with the software to another company. For warning calls H.323 and SIP standards are used while for audio encoding standard G.723, G.711A/U, G.729 (b) are used. Today most VoIP software products need at least 166 MHz processor. Traditional speed signal approximately covers 64 Kb/s. It is obvious that the connection under 56 Kb/s can also receive a good quality voice over internet. With increased speed over internet increased quality of content is received. Well, with decreased speed signals the quality of the content is depreciated.

The reason behind the wide usage of VoIP lies in remote calls that can be placed over the internet. Using VoIP app softwares like PC SoftphoneMobile SoftphoneSIP Dialer, etc a cut in the cost of paying per minute is greatly induced with price being limited to local internet provider. With these increased savings the increase in productivity of the organisation depend. VoIP communication system allows multi-functionality of the communication link by providing access to both internet and making calls simultaneously. A limited set of information could be shared with the use of traditional telephony whereas the internet protocols help sharing a variety of bulk content among the users and that too in chorus. Since VoIP encircles around the internet workforce so the security integration goes same as that for the internet privacy gateways.

VoIP Technology is still in development day by day and working phase will entails future scope and integration with new technologies ahead. VoIP Technology will keep continuing demonstrate its blameless presence with influence in forthcoming future. Further advanced features of modern technological world have been added to VoIP Phone systems making it more deserving, easy to use and popular.

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