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VoIP calling card is primarily useful for long distance and international calls

VoIP calling card is primarily useful for long distance and international calls

A VoIP calling card is primarily useful for long distance and international calls, and is common for the many benefits they provide. Today in this article I’m going to talk about the system and dialer calling cards. So let’s start.

calling card system

What is calling card system?

Calling card system is a prepaid telephony service program. Previously it was used via A Magnetic Strip card such as debit / credit card at ISD public booths. This service has been replaced since the introduction of mobile phones by GSM cards which can be charged with prepaid sum and have multi-national permission to network. GSM cards are issued to the individual that are valid in several countries and help save international roaming fees. The person simply has to pay for the services.

Calling card is a form of credit card that a customer uses to pay for telephone and other related services. However calling cards are not specifically connected to the VoIP technology. One may define calling cards as a way to purchase prepaid, postpaid or otherwise telecommunications services. VoIP calling cards refer to those calling cards that work using VoIP technology. Calling cards is a good way to save money when making calls. Calling Card users connect with VoIP Provider to their prepaid account. Then they make low cost calls over the internet using that network. Choosing PSTN or standard cellular network VoIP technology helps to reduce costs.

Choose a calling card that is compatible with various platforms such as  IOS and Android, thus ensuring uninterrupted calling.

Types of Calling Cards

Here are some of the calling card types:

  1. Pre-paid Calling Card:

Like with most prepaid programs, the card includes a set credit number. The card is available until the sum of the credit is done.

  1. Post-paid Calling Card:

There’s no daily decrease in the account balance in post-paid calling cards. The call bills are per request dependent and a monthly bill is paid by the customer.

  1. Rechargeable Calling card:

The service provider offers the right to redeem your calling card for this. By paying in cash or wallet, one can redeem certain cards over the internet or through the counter.

  1. Virtual Calling card:

 This card is virtually available only. Consumers should receive the PIN via email for this. Service Provider shall likewise convey all other required details essential for this card.

Benefits of calling cards

Some advantages of calling cards include:

  1. Minimal Call Rates:

The costs can be further reduced with the use of a calling card. Calling cards help save about 95 percent of the cost of international calling.

  1. Multiple device compatibility:

The calling card compatibility lets us continue to use the app and poses needless difficulty changing the system.

  1. Ideal for travel and vacations:

When you are traveling abroad or on a holiday away from home, calling card comes handy. This allows one to stay linked, regardless of venue, along with saving call charges.


One of the easiest ways to make low-cost international or other long-distance calls is by calling cards. This is perfect for people who live overseas or who travel internationally. Calling cards save the hassle of complicated international calling by their easy call operation.

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