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VoIP – Business and Expansion

VoIP – Business and Expansion

With the introduction of  VoIP Phone system the existing circuit switched telephone network has taken a back seat. To the internet users VoIP provides an effective way for communication over the network. VoIP has provided a unique and inexpensive way out to business organisations. It is purely based on multitasking and multiplexing scheme. A high quality VoIP signal is provided in streaming shaking off the voice quality issues. Still further improvements are being made to improve the quality of signals with less bandwidth consumption, advanced features, minimum overhead, security of VoIP packets and much more ahead.


Having glimpse on history of VoIP, the first VoIP call was made between two PCs in 1995. Guiding its way this technology gradually started to evolve in 1998 covering 1% of US phone traffic. It was meant for providing low-cost long-distance calls. Then in 2008 VoIP revolution cast a spell on business and residential communications. As of 2009, around 30% of international telephone traffic was carried via VoIP. In business communications VoIP technology has been a driving force behind so many advance options. There is an alternative to VoIP capable PABXs i.e. hosted IP communications from VoIP service providers. Sometimes it is called IP powered Business which enables to deliver information regardless of branch office locations or headquarter locations. Since, VoIP service is delivered through network based softswitches and softphones which add to the flexibility of communication and make them even better. New user addition and scalability to new locations has rapidly increased the use of this technology.

Talking about widespread commercial use, plethora advantages have been borne by the business organisation using hosted IP communication service. There is no need to purchase, manage, maintain, and upgrade the PABX. Features such as call diversion, voice mail, that are traditional business telephony features are included in the packages provided by the VoIP service providers. No doubt , today advance features that are different from the existing features has taken a front seat , VoIP technology continues to grow with multimedia click to call conferencing collaborations. A seamless use of this service is being realised using softphonessoftswitches, and VoIP phones. The novelty of the VoIP technology can be witnessed from the way it has been and will continue to integrate with the new technologies such as cloud services and machine learning. There can be seen a phenomenal explosion of its usage throughout the mainstream media and business conglomerates.

When it comes to saving us from headaches of cables and hardware overheads we all want to go digital and shift to click revolution. Suppose a medium-sized company requires a communication system to be built then would it be better to install countless hardware and maintain it over a long period of time? Surely not! With the inception of VoIP, it has become easier to make a difference. With just few investments in the beginning and fruitful services with cut costs in long run would help companies earn high revenues.

A major drawback of this technology is that once you are offline you lost all communication so proper network with required bandwidth must be ensured and the rest is handled by VoIP itself. However a main good point to capture attention is that it does not require the full replacement with VoIP Phone system if existing traditional system exists. One just needs to install a voice gateway to include digital capabilities of the VoIP Solution on traditional phone system. Now VoIP has covered a wide range and has come a long way ahead from its incarnation to surround the entire world into its arms.

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