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Unified Communication System : New Generation Communication System

Unified Communication System : New Generation Communication System

The advancements in communication system have fueled the business to new dimensions over the years. The foundation to any business is indeed communication and collaboration. And this communication and collaboration is what the unified communication system has brought to the business world. Today communication through virtual media such as fax, emails, web conferencing, audio conferencing etc have spoken volumes on where the IP technology stands and that the organisations revolve around the Unified communication system. Unified communication system provides the integration of communication systems that are poles apart whether static or dynamic and its implication towards collaboration. White- boarding, video conferencing, audio conferencing, web conferencing, instant messaging, voicemail, fax, email can be possibly integrated into a unified communication system.


Unified communication system is build over three basic fundamentals that can contribute to multifarious benefits in any organisation. Single communication infrastructure, government owned and operated system, distributed architecture are the fundamentals that have granted melange benefits to the users. The single communication infrastructure has reduced the complexity of the unified system to a greater level and thus the cost incurred in deploying the system. Direct attachment of devices , users , or servers, simple security segmentation , Edge-only service configuration, one-active resiliency model, one protocol, one logical tier have all proffered network benefits.

The unified system has bestowed a wide range of enhancement in everyday business processes. It has consolidated calls and has helped in routing due to which employees can be reached on multiple alternate devices without releasing mobile or home- office numbers. The repercussions of the adopted unified communication system by many companies lie in increased productivity, reachability, collaboration, improved manageability and communication flows. Whether the employee is working from office, home, field, headquarters etc. unified system has unified the geographical disparities.

The functionality of unified system is comprehensive which also enables the workers to collaborate with the colleagues in real time. If the statistics of business organisations expenditure is seen before and after the introduction of unified communication system, a drastic difference can be figured out. The charges including the fixed assets of unified system and the charges of long distance calls summed up together are much far way less than when unified communication system was not deployed. Also unified communication systems have increased speed of decision making in organisations.

Unified Communication System can also be said as environment friendly as it supports green initiative in several ways.

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