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Unified Communication Solutions : Get Refined Corporate Communication with Robust Integrated Communicator

Unified Communication Solutions : Get Refined Corporate Communication with Robust Integrated Communicator

To increase the productivity and standing at par with the industrial goals an investment that is worth considering is in unified communication.  The amalgamation of voice, video, data in the shared IP based infrastructure is seamlessly pouring into the businesses of every size reducing costs and efforts. Unified communication is growing at higher pace allowing its user a great deal of insatiability and result oriented repercussions. Unified communication is a packet full of components including messaging, phone calls, information sharing, conferencing etc using a common user interface. The basic characteristic of unified communication system is to provide sufficient flexibility so that the novel developments are tractable as well as add dimensions to the existing IT investments. The entire communication load of the masses in the company is tackled by unified communication solution which exploits VoIP technology.


Unified communication helps the business workforce and allows 24×7 hours access to business communications. It is a matter of great deal to integrate the quality of unified communications with the existing business processes and applications. Unified communication system reinforces the concept of streamline communications, team management and mobility. It enhances the customer service and increase productivity by leveraging rich platforms of unified messaging, Voice over IP and much more. The real advantage of possessing the unified communication system may lie in the tools and software provided by various unified communication solutions. Add-ons like advanced Network Communication Platforms (NCPs), Communication Assistant productivity software helps to drive business growth beyond the streamlined levels.

Since there are lot many unified communication solution providers therefore a very question that may arise in the mind of entrepreneur or the head of a start up is that on what basis one should select the unified communication solution. From AVST to Panasonic to CISCO, market is abundant of such unified communication solutions. While choosing from these alternatives the factors that one must consider are the commitments of these solutions towards investment protection, standards and innovation, native support for mobile devices, emerging communication platforms and security. The unified solution must be inter-operable with the existing office softwares of the company to provide both user and administrator level features. The comprehensive presence of both data and connectivity together provides a great desktop experience to the user contributing value to the investment. Maintenance of a single call structure may weigh more than multiple systems in terms of incurred operational overhead. Hence the unified communication solution must offer higher range of IT experience accommodating time-division multiplexing and SIP. The server client configuration that is offloaded to the network is preferred much above the manual system of static links. The level of compatibility provided by the unified communication solution to stick to the industry standards and simplify support and integration call for the deployment of the solution to ensure great works. When video is not preconceived as a workload in an organisation then the Unified system integrated with video handling requirements may prove more promising for visual requirements. Altogether UC system is a wide evolving area.

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