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Unified Communication & Collaboration solutions

Unified Communication & Collaboration solutions

The Unified Communication & Collaboration solutions, born as separate and now reunited in UC application suites, allow information systems to manage unified communication channels,  with essential savings in set-up and management costs of the various services and, at the same time, enable fostering both.

The reasons (in addition to those already expressed previously) for which this type of application is the most successful can explain from these perspectives:

  1. These are applications that have an immediate impact on business efficiency, resulting in a moderate reduction in costs, especially telephone costs.
  2. Their use model is intuitive in many ways. Their organisational impact is reduced compared to the other two families of applications (Content Management and Social and Community management), at least in the First Instance.
  3. It does not mean that they do not need a structured vision or a careful Everything revolves around the infrastructure.

The first step is to have an IP protocol network. On this network, it is possible to trigger new voice functions, centralising and integrating them: VoIP (voice traffic over IP), voice mailboxes, call management, single directory. Investments in this area have a very short Roi, mainly if companies with structures relocated abroad; in fact, both telephony and management costs fall. The company benefits from, Flexibility and the quality of the service improves.

In the implementation path, application services can then adopt: communication management, audio, and video conferencing, network Collaboration with slide and document sharing In general, it is a question of activating web services, the investment is modest but the tangible benefits, both in terms of higher productivity, both for the speeding up of processes, and the optimisation of travel. A next step, which is receiving a significant boost in terms of Devices/applications and conditions of use models by companies are multi-channel.

The term means access via mobile phone or laptop to company services.  And applications. Today, attention in companies translates more than anything else into experimentation and pilot projects, but there are benefits in terms of innovation in working methods, speeding up

The heads of the Observatory propose to the CIOs to reflect on two tactical considerations:

1) company management, in a moment of budget reduction, are looking for inexpensive solutions that have a significant and rapid impact on costs.

2)The fact that UCS, of ​​all collaborative platforms, involves more Immediate answers, and therefore the ideal “trojan horse” of change expected.

While not a forward-looking approach, focused solely on costs and with a certain underestimation of the structural impact and benefits that may emerge in the medium to long term, this choice also constitutes an opportunity. The fact remains that solution introduce in the company that emphasis’s the need to involve employees, to encourage the exchange of knowledge and active participation to Enhance individuals’ contribution to the processes.


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