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The unified communication system (UCS)

The unified communication system (UCS)

UCS is a group of communication services and solutions put together as a single cohesive system. This system gives answers to all communication needs because it enables the use of voice, data, internet, and many communication demands via an integrated system that is generally manufactured by one developer or in partnership with others. UCS is also called an integrated communication system (ICS)

The general function of UCS is to abolish the desire for purchasing and managing numerous communication technologies to collaborate and interchange information within an organization or group of people.

UCS comes with the following communication packages; email, telephone, internet, internetwork mobile and wireless communication, and video communication

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) system

VoIP system isa group of technologies put together to transfer voice and multimedia sessions through an internet protocol network, and not public switch telephone network. The communication systems depend on the presence of the internet for itsfunctions. These communication services can be fax, SMS, voice, or voice messaging. VoIP telephone calls are the same as outmoded digital telephony and involve signaling, directing and changing of analog sound to digital signals and encoding

VoIP include facetime, google voice, skype

Mobile dialer

The mobile dialer is a software application installed and used on a mobile phone.There are various types of mobile dialers’ software, depending on the manufacturer, but all of them serve the same purpose. The general function of this software is to make VoIP calls from the mobile phone handset. Mobile dialer uses SIP signaling, which most of the time is attached to an IP device for proper voice communication. The latest mobile dialers allow operators to create a voice call or SMS using a personal handset. The software permits users to use VoIP on their mobile phones. Many mobile dialers do not have a restriction of using a computer or other VoIP devices.


A softphone is a software generated program that makes phone calls over the internet using a standard computer relatively to a mobile phone. A softphone is installed on a computer desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or any other device that a user can receive phone calls through it without being a mobile phone or telephone set. For proper communication, both ends should support similar VoIP protocol and one standard audio code at minimal. Many companies use SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), which is usually standardized by Internet Engineering Task Force IETF. The widespread applications that use this application are skype and google talk.

Voice Video Calling and Chatting app

Chatting apps are applications that transmit written word from one communication device to the other. There are two types of conversation apps, the online and offline applications. The offline app is commonly known as message app while online apps function in the presence of the internet, and they include Facebook messenger, twitter, WeChat, QQ Messenger, Viber, signal telegram, and many more.

Voice Video Calling is a visualcommunication within two people. The people have an opportunity to see each other while talking. Some of the world best video calling apps are Adore Softphone, IMO, Skype, BBM, Hangouts, ICQ JustTalk, and many others.

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