Softswitch is a key part of the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) innovation. It performs like a control switch, which is used to control the associations at the interfacing purpose of the conventional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and VoIP systems. Softswitch is used for making an intersection by interfacing the Public Switched Telephone Networks to Internet Networks and overseeing movement. This innovation depends on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and is completely good with the progressed VoIP innovation.


VoIP Switch is intended for handling whole parcel convention signals. Softswitch gives elements, for example, billing receipt era, call steering, security, reporting, and some more. The nature of telephone calls made utilizing the VoIP switch is unrivaled and are conceivable at ostensible costs. This exchanging gadget does not bring on any interference in the voice signal. Softswitch is an application, which has both switch components and charging programming. Softswitch can pack different correspondence arrangement, for example, instant messages, call, video activity, and voice. Softswitch holds an extensive variety of elements, giving various preferences to transporters over the world.

With constant evolvement in softswitch innovation after some time, various wholesale softswitch providers have acquainted the same with let the customers make nearby and additionally long separation telephone calls at ostensible costs. They have completely changed the photo of telecom since the times that the framework has been acquainted with satisfy the need of VoIP services over the world. A great deal of administrations are given by the wholesale administration suppliers, including PC to telephone calling, device to telephone calling, calling cards and direct internal dial get back to administrations.

There are many different characteristic of VoIP Softswitch. Some major features of them are given as below

The Elementary Attributes:

  • Real time traffic management and re-routing
  • Complete customer support
  • Billing and scrutinizing by clients
  • Service setup obtains just a few hours
  • Full support or compatibility of SIP

Routing Features:

  • Automatic Number Identification routing
  • Online phone call debugging
  • Minimal cost routing
  • Setting main concerns and weights
  • Ms Excel download and upload

Reporting Features:

  • Active calls
  • Call detail records download
  • Benefit margin report
  • Real-time billing
  • Real-time average call duration and traffic graphs

Billing and Accounting Features:

  • Automatic invoices to clients
  • Setting client credit limits
  • Postpaid and prepaid client management
  • Real-time balance update

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