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The Relevance of Softswitch in VoIP Hosting Platforms

The Relevance of Softswitch in VoIP Hosting Platforms

Softswitch is needed for the uninterrupted functioning of VoIP hosts, with all providers having their software. Softswitch software manages all the IP-to-IP calls. Switches come in the form of software in the VoIP industry.

In VoIP technology, Softswitch doubles up as a VoIP server. The software has to be loaded on the server, facilitating the connectivity of IP calls. As a result, the use of hardware and related expenses are eliminated. Plus, new features and settings add to the user-friendliness of the software.


In all, the feature server comes as a switch, offering all call-linked functions.

Softswitch: Varied types

Both software and switchboard are combined to develop Softswitch. Under soft-switches, you can avail two kinds: Class 5 Softswitch and Class 4 Softswitch.

  • Class 5 Softswitch

A Class 5 Softswitch is designed to serve small-sized regions. Normally, this type of software is used by business houses. It is equipped to route calls within organizations, towns, states, and small countries. More so, they are used by end-users. Their clients include calling card platforms and call centers.

  • Class 4 Softswitch

At a higher level than the Class 5 Softswitch, the Class 4 Softswitch handles long-distance calls and caters to countries globally. Using such switches, VoIP traffic is transmitted between carriers. Among its important features are transcoding, protocol support, among others.

In some cases, Class 5 Softswitch and Class 4 Softswitch are combined to develop hybrid soft-switches. As such, the long-distance calls are routed to Class 5 via Class 4 Softswitch, and Class 5 connects to the VoIP calling devices – including the IP phones.

Softswitch: What are the benefits?

Here we have listed the varied benefits of soft-switches.

  • Saves time and resources

Softswitch comes with billing software, which rates high in accuracy. Users can also customize their call rates and generate their invoices using the software. The software saves time that would be otherwise spent on manual billing.

  • Reduces costs

As seen earlier, Softswitch is a type of software, which helps to minimize the maintenance costs of hardware. Additionally, it is managed more easily than hardware. For solving software-related issues, an update suffices. So, Softswitch turns out to be cost-effective because they come with low maintenance costs.

  • Multifunctionality

A VoIP Softswitch serves many purposes. Its functions range from reporting to billing to routing. With only a single switch, you get the convenience of an array of settings.

  • Provides Extra Security

Softswitch comes with security features. To log in, you need an OTP key, owing to which your system is protected from hackers. This extra authentication makes the Softswitch more secure.

  • Compatibility

Softswitch software is adaptable as per the user’s requirements. So, they can be used in start-ups which require fewer settings and large-scale organizations which make use of more functions.

  • Customizable

You can buy or rent VoIP soft-switches. Generally, small businesses opt for rental basis subscriptions while larger firms purchase the software.

To Sum Up

With an extensive choice in soft-switches, choosing the ideal ones for your requirements gets daunting. However, your best option is to go with an established name over a newly-formed company. Then, you can be assured of superior quality and affordable rates.

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