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Telecom service suppliers can procurement, dispatch and can immediate bill their voice calling services by using VoIP Billing System

Telecom service suppliers can procurement, dispatch and can immediate bill their voice calling services by using VoIP Billing System

The VoIP market is one of the markets which is rising very fast these days. Many companies and households are trying to save money on their phone bills, so this is an simple way out. So, to learn about VoIP Billing is important for everyone. So I’ll talk about VoIP Billing today in this article.


What is VoIP Billing?

VoIP Billing is the VoIP system that gathers, measures and shows information on telephone calls and other services, and produces customer invoices. It also provides full call figures, financial results, efficiency results on communications, and other important information. VoIP billing is a total solution for VoIP providers to pay for financing.

What is VoIP Billing software?

VoIP Billing Software can be introduced to collect, rate, tax and charge voice and related services as a Customer Management System. VoIP program is a requirement of every telecommunications industry, big or small. VoIP is also available on many smartphones, personal computers, and tablets allowed on the Internet, and helps with the availability of Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connectivity for calls and SMS.

What is VoIP Billing solution?

Usually VoIP solutions handle hundreds to thousands of users, and the call ratio is always too high. In addition, the process of invoicing and billing is also complicated, and not so straightforward. A VoIP billing solution is thus a essential part of any VoIP enterprise. Generally speaking, VoIP solutions such as call center applications, Softswitch Class 5 and 4 etc. do not come with an integrated billing system. If there is a billing module, it is always a simple one. The manual tasks increase in such situations. That also increases problems. VoIP companies purchase additional VoIP billing tools to solve those obstacles.

Which features do you like in the VoIP Billing Solution?

To help you pick the appropriate billing system for your VoIP applications, here is the features that the top 5 must have:

  1. Rate Groups

A VoIP billing solution is primarily used to charge the user for his use of the device or service. The rate classes, which are often referred to as tariffs or bundles, help to identify the prices and other charges to be applied to the customer. It is necessary so that you can remove manual efforts to add various charges or count consumption.

  1. Support for different types of billing

Some VoIP billing solutions only charge for specific types of services. However, any of the following forms of VoIP billing software require support:

  • Postpaid billing
  • Prepaid billing
  • Calling card
  • DID number
  1. Automated invoicing

The key reason to get a VoIP billing system is to simplify the billing and invoicing operations. Many VoIP billing applications however fail to provide this basic functionality. So make sure the invoicing process is automated and you don’t need to use the human resources to create and email invoices for individual customers. The system itself must automatically send out the invoice.

  1. Payment processing

Another essential aspect is to let users themselves pay the bill and this is reflected in the program. If it’s a prepaid redemption or a postpaid bill payment, it’s all automatic. The advanced VoIP billing solutions give companies to configure the gateways for payment processing, and the connection for paying the bill can be included in the invoice.

  1. Reports

All VoIP systems provide reports and the VoIP billing system must also include a segment for reports. The reports will include various requirements and filtering methods to promote and speed up report analysis activities.

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