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Softswitch & VoIP Billing : Ideal Solution For VoIP Business

Softswitch & VoIP Billing : Ideal Solution For VoIP Business

A Softswitch is the main tool used in telecommunications to connect telephone calls over the different telephone lines completely under the control of computer software operating on a single network. The physical switch board is used as the key calls carrying hardware that links one line to another. If we talk of soft switch technology it is commonly used in both local and large structures in the area of networking and telecommunications.


Softswitch is a device and switchboard combination. There are two kinds of soft-switches. Firstly, Softswitch Class 5 and Softswitch Secondly Class 4.

  • A Softswitch class 5 caters for a small area. This kind of software is usually used by companies and organizations. If the area is small, these softswitches will maximally route calls within towns, organisations, states, or small nations. Softswitch this form often serves end users. Some of their clients include call center utilities, network calling cards, business organizations, and others.
  • On the other hand, Class 4 Softswitch is at a higher level as these handle long distance calls, covering countries around the world. They transit VoIP traffic between carriers and a large amount of VoIP calls. Some of its most significant features are protocol support and conversion, transcoding, second rate calls, an average time of one call routing, and number of simultaneous calls.


Adore Softswitch offers an intuitive billing system that simplifies billing for even the most complex business scenarios.  We have leveraged our long experience in the Retail & Wholesale market to design and develop a solution that suits Retail & wholesale carriers and their needs in effective and efficient billing processes.

How it Works

Softswitch class 5 and Softswitch class 4 are also put to work together. Although Class 4 routes long distance calls to Class 5, Class 5 remains connected to the IP phones and VoIP calling devices on the other side. It offers the calling service VoIP. This soft-switch combination is known as hybrid soft-switches.

What are the delivery terms?

The obligation to send the Softswitch invoice within 24 hours from the date of execution of  the operation has to revoke, here are the updated deadlines:

What if I send an invoice with incorrect data?

The Softswitch performs checks on the form of the invoice; if errors are detected, within five days, a reject receipt of the file is sent to the company on the same channel with which the invoice sent and The company will have five days to correct the incorrect data and send it, on the other hand, if the form data are correct, but there are data.

What is the unique code or recipient code?

Softswitch character code only use for the receipt of passive invoices, it is issued to subjects with a VAT number by the transmission channel that has decided to apply for the arrival of invoices. This code must communicate to all its suppliers.

Those who choose to receive invoices via certified e-mail will not have this code (or rather the Softswitch can create its own QR Code (Softswitch business card), a code to print or save on your smartphone, which  show to your supplier for the automatic acquisition of personal data to be reported on the invoice,  reading of these codes is possible through 2D barcode readers.

What is meant by Softswitch invoice replacement storage?

The law requires the Softswitch document to archive after issuing the Softswitch invoice storage must be carried out by a certified brokerage body through procedures that guarantee the authenticity and reliability of name, surname, name, tax code, VAT number, and date. The list of conservators finds on it. The practical advantages of substitutive conservation are evident and affect everyone.

What is meant by Softswitch invoice substitution?

Softswitch can consider as a kind of postman! The system will send you the invoice once it has verified the technical requirements.  All you have to do is import the Softswitch invoice into your software to register. If, on the other hand, you care so much about recording it by hand, all you have to do is open the file with a suitable reader.

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