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OTT VoIP Solution along with Video Calling and Conferencing and many more..

OTT VoIP Solution along with Video Calling and Conferencing and many more..

The terms like video calling and video conferencing may seem synonymous but they are entirely different. A video call corresponds to the transmission and reception of audio and video signal at sender’s and receiver’s end such that a secured communication is established. While video conferencing is an online communication establishment where live audio and video transmission and reception involve multiple people at both sender’s and receiver’s end. Therefore, the basic difference between a video call and a video conference call is that a video call is a one to one communication which is a personal interaction medium but video conferencing call is a many to many communication which is a professional interaction medium.

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What are the ways for a productive video call or video conferencing?

  • Minimize Background Distractions

Most of the people blame the technology related to the degraded voice quality during a video call or video conferencing. But the truth is that these unwanted distractions happen due to the faulty operating systems or happens due to network errors, server issues or poor internet connection. It may also be a result of resonating noises in the background that may hinder your voice call. Therefore, try video calling or conferencing in a peaceful room with good internet connection.

  • Double Check your settings

Before landing up to a video call or a video conference call make sure that the audio and the video settings of your operating system are well configured. If you have an external monitor with an in built system camera, you need to check for the settings so that your call goes smoothly without any hassles.

  • Optimize the right room for calling

Huddle or smaller rooms should be prioritized a wide angle field of view. The larger rooms can benefit by adding a large video calling screen that would enhance your calling experience.

What are the things to consider while choosing the right video calling or video conferencing device?

  • Call Reliability –You need to make sure that your video call service provider is completely reliable on his mentioned terms. He should provide resilient network that has a global availability and acceptability according to your personal or professional communication requirements.
  • Video Quality –When you are paying the precise amount for the services. Do not settle for anything less. Make sure that your service provider ensures perfectly tuned audio and video services that bring a new edge to your communication experience. The video quality should be so clear and crisp such that you feel like you are in the same room even if you are connecting from thousand miles away.
  • Ease of Use: Ensure to choose a solution that integrates precisely with your requirement directory. Make sure that your communication channel Aldi supports guest calling if you are a business owner and deal with client handling over video calls.
  • Wireless Screen Sharing: Your service provider should ensure to provide a device that is capable of transforming your video call into a collaborative working session like transforming it into a presentation. This will enhance the face to face communicating experience.
  • Customer Support: Your services should be backed with a 24×7 support with a effective responding team. Your service provider should ensure hassle free services through enhanced customer support experience for its valuable users.

Bring your own device (BYOD): Your service provider should ensure that the video calling and video conferencing it is providing is independent of the platform. If it is a browser based calling, it should operative from any of your device irrespective of being an Android or iOS starting from your smart phone PCs, laptop, tablets etc.

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