Hosted VoIP simplifies your voice communications system and improves workforce productivity

This is a digital age under constant influx of innovations and upgrades. Technology is created and very soon it becomes obsolete and taken over by an upgraded version of it. This is how it is evolving day by day. Under such ever changing scenario investing on technology, especially IT infrastructure is haunting big and small VoIP and IT service providers alike.
But then cloud computing is there to help you out. With it you can have all technology to run your business on “SaaS” software as a Service model. Adore, the reputed name in VoIP and IT solutions brings to you highly customized and comprehensive Hosted VoIP servicefor VoIP service providers. It is one stop-shop for reliable, scalable and best-in-breed VoIP telecom solutions.

Adopting a highly pragmatic approach, we deliver cutting-edge, feature rich VoIP solutions with world class facilities to keep you ahead of competition, especially those who are Hosted Softswitch, Hosted PBX and Hosted Softphone Hosted VoIP service providers as well as top‐notch companies, enterprises, Next‐ Gen Service Providers (ITSPs), Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs), Telephone Companies (TELCOs) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide.

This revolutionary service not only saves you from investing redundant infrastructure, its maintenance and of course the manpower to use it. With our Hosted VoIP solutions, you can now offer a wide range of VoIP based solutions to your client base with no capital investment and without purchasing your own infrastructure. Each solution is cloud based, highly scalable, customizable and can be deployed easily in no time. In case of any assistance, our prompt customer support by local expert engineering and technical teams are readily available 24X7. Our solution is especially designed for Hosted VoIP service providers around the globe who are looking for Assured Security, Reliability and Voice clarity over privately owned and managed fiber network.


  • Avail bountiful of smart features whilst realizing cost savings and efficiency gains
  • Minimal start- up costs to set up your own VoIP solutions business
  • Grow your business without a major equipment expense
  • Best-in-class business connectivity to meet all your business communication needs
  • All-in-one advanced business solutions with broadest portfolios of business data and communication solutions

Hosted Softswitch

Hosted Softswitch offered is based on a dedicated served for stable, error free operation and interoperability. The entire offering is completely bespoke and can be customized as well as branded any way you need. Packed with Comprehensive Monitoring System and Real Time Customized Web Interface, our Hosted Softswitch is an all-in-one solution for VoIP Wholesale and Retail business. It is also inclusive of all necessary hardware and software for Switching, Routing and Billing of VoIP calls so you do not need to install and configure any software on your own. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive training and extensive technical support in case of any assistance.

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Hosted IPPBX

A standout amongst the latest twist offs of business medium innovation is that the Hosted PBX. This innovation licenses little and medium-sized organizations to have a tasteful correspondence framework while not the interest in phone instrumentality. Our Hosted PBX is a perfect answer for little to medium-sized IP telephony administration suppliers and affiliates who need to appreciate transporter grade VoIP PBX with constrained spending plan.

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Hosted Softphone

Hosted Softphone is a flagship VoIP based product by Hosted VoIP that turns any internet enabled device into a hi-tech, feature rich phone for making crisp and clear audio calls via internet. Developed over SIP servers it is universally compatible with all SIP Softswitch solution. You can brand it in your company name. Softphone comes with premium functionalities such as DND/ Hold- Unhold/ Redial/ Auto Accept Call, Echo Cancellation and Silence Suppression to name a few. This software has been based on leading SIP standards and is fully interoperable with most major Internet Telephone service provider (ITSP) and VOIP software and hardware.

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Hosted Softphone

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