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ESSENCE OF ORGANIZATION : Unified Communications and Collaborations

ESSENCE OF ORGANIZATION : Unified Communications and Collaborations

Think of it this way, Collaboration is the resonance and Communication is the electricity, together they create a Synergy. Such Synergy is a manifestation of Unified Communication and Collaboration systems in every organization of the world.

Rhetoric’s apart, Unified Communication and Collaboration is a treasury of technologies, software, and solutions that empower the efficient working of a business institution. Unification of various asynchronous business processes was always a necessity among organizations. It’s only with the advent of cutting edge technologies that this unification was made possible.

Before such an invention, the telephonic structures were independent. The facility of Single Number Reach and Extension mobility was limited to a few companies. Instant messaging was a separate business tool. Video conferencing, File Sharing, and Data Sharing were fulfilled by third-party software.

Delicate technologies like Call Control, Speech Recognition, and Automated Messaging were costly add-on paid services. But not anymore!

Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) is a macro interface of all internal technical facilities specially designed to cater to the needs of a particular organization in order to provide consistent work experience across all devices and media-types.

How is the system of UCC (Unified Communication and Collaboration) capable of empowering business corporations all around the globe?


Let us systematically look at the features of this complex yet genius framework :

  1. Productivity

A unified framework directly impacts the effectiveness of business operations. The workforce has the power to control and determine the outcome of efforts without the miscellaneous lags and backlogs in micro-operations. This leads to a more realistic and feasible approach to goals and deadlines.

  1. Efficiency

As mentioned in the previous point, chances of unforeseeable lags and backlogs become minimal or at least realistically assumable. This gives room for the preparation of remedies and Plan B’s.

  1. BPI

Business Process Integration or BPI is an add-on advantage. Suppose that the business requires scale-up its outcome capacity or hiring more employees or calibration of a completely new domain of work with the existing technical framework, the system of UCC will make sure that the upcoming elements of the business are well synchronized with the already established mode of operations.

  1. Cost Cutting

Ever felt the frustration that comes with unknown and unanticipated sundry expenses in the everyday business world?

Well, it is important to accept the fact that such expenses steal a huge chunk of time, energy, zeal to perform, and of course Profit off your pockets. UCC takes care of such expenditures by giving you a wholesome experience to optimize and amend business costs.

If the United Communication and Collaboration System come with such precious business advantages, what stops some of them from installing UCC in their business for such long term benefits?

  • Sometimes it’s the idea of sudden financial investment for massive technology installation.
  • Considering the highly competitive business world, fruitful investments create assets in the long run.
  • Technological Prowess is one of them!

Apart from monetary hesitation, mostly it’s Doubt! 

To put it bluntly, there’s a thin line between Skepticism and Pessimism. While Pessimism is a strict No-No for entrepreneurial spirit,

Being skeptical still helps!

It helps in choosing the right allies, do prolific collaborations, learn from past mistakes, and keep a realistic yet progressive business outlook in this fast-changing world.

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