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Emerging trends in Telecommunications

Emerging trends in Telecommunications

Unified communication system which is also referred to as UCS aids in the integration and unification of multiple communication methods which are present in a business. As it is known that a business is required to communicate and interact in various ways which may include phone calls, instant messaging, email, SMS, video conferencing and many others.  In such a situation a unified communication system helps in bringing together all the various ways which are needed for business communication and it lets them converse with each other thereby facilitating working in a single system, thereby making the business more efficient. Unified communication system plays a vital part in making a business resourceful.

VoIP is the acronym for voice over internet protocol. VoIP is basically a hardware or software telephone which is specifically designed to be used over a VoIP technology. VoIP aids in the facilitation of sending and receiving of phone calls over an IP network. VoIP works by converting analog telephony audio into a digital format which can easily be transmitted over the internet. After this, VoIP converts incoming digital phone signals which are received from the internet, into standard telephone audio. VoIP phones are equipped with capabilities and features which are not found in the traditionally styled analog phones.

Mobile dialer is a software application which is installed and used on mobile phones. There are various software providers which offer branded mobile dialers. Mobile dialers are primarily used for making VoIP calls which are made from a mobile handset. The mobile dialer uses the SIP based signaling which can be mapped to a soft switch or even an IP device which helps in working for voice communication. Some of the recent mobile dialers also allow the users in originating an SMS or even a voice call by just using their mobile handset.

A softphone basically refers to an application program enabling voice over internet protocol(VoIP) from computing devices. At times, softphones are also referred to as soft clients especially in enterprises. Applications based on softphone work in collaboration with a headset, a microphone, an analog telephone adaptor such as the magic jack which facilitates VoIP calling from a standard telephone handset and a specialized VoIP phone. These days, the use of softphones is not only limited too homes but they are also widely used in offices. Softphones are being viewed as a convenient and effective replacement for the traditional desk phones.

Today’s era which is characterized by the mushrooming growth of telecommunication facilities, there is a huge presence of various voice, video and chatting apps. With technology, our lives have become much easier as the various voice, video and chatting apps have created up a brilliant communicating system. From whatsapp to skype and from messenger to hike, all these apps have made real-life conversation much easier by introducing the feature of video chatting. Moreover, the best part about these voice, video and chatting apps is their ease in accessibility as they can easily be downloaded from Playstore and their interface is highly user friendly. Voice, video and chatting apps have revolutionized the world of telecommunication.


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