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Business Acceleration with Intensified Communication Solutions

Business Acceleration with Intensified Communication Solutions

Do you really need hassles, are you still comfortable with messy cables?  Are you smoothly managing multi-location enterprises? Do not let your client get frustrated with the out-dated methodologies.


Business requires quick and confident sharing. Effective communication solutions are a key to understand customer’s requirement and cherish the pleasure of satisfied end user with intensified resolutions with the use of integrated communication solutions.

Huge Technological advancements and availability of the Internet have made the world small. The fast-paced expansion in business and technology has emerged an expectation to deliver immediate solutions with uninterrupted communication. A Traditional system may result in an inability to scale the client’s customized needs.

Extend your arms to deliver rich and uninterrupted services to your customers.  We at Adore Infotech cater you with standardized services for your business needs.  Increase your reach and flexibility with our Unified Communication Solutions. Our architectural approaches are easy to manage, simplify your end users experience from a single administrative view, can help to manage multi-location and enrich user experience.

Unified Communication Solutions integrates enterprise communication services; it includes Text-based tools, Voice-based applications, Video-based services, and Web conferencing platforms. It gives a real-time presence by use of business tools like Internet Protocol and Video conferencing and collaboration of various platforms and increases enterprise social networking. It has transpired as an interconnected system of devices and application that are used in concerts. Unified communication streamlines communication, increase productivity, increase efficiency in team management, increases mobility and enhances customer services.

Adore Infotech is one stop shop for all communication needs; our global footprints have enhanced growth across geographical boundaries. We specialize in contact center technologies; we understand the customized needs and operational requirement for Contact Center as Voice – inbound/outbound, Self-service solutions, Multimedia management, Video Calling, Video-based contact centers, Video-based contact centers, CRM integrations, Social media integration, Quality/compliance solutions, Reporting and analytics, Reporting and analytics, Back office automation, Packaged applications, Workforce optimization solutions

Adore Infotech believes in experiential selling and has a dedicated team of professionals with expertise in Audio Visual integrations. We deliver multimedia integration by Infrastructure management, Network Analysis, and design, Audio-visual integration, call scheduling and launching, Video Conferencing deployment and provides 24/7 customer support.

Our Company furnishes tools that foster a Collaborative environment; we offer Video calling and Conferencing solution resulting in establishing communication in diverse business units. With an objective to amplify business and look forward to futuristic perspectives.

Adore Infotech is committed to delivering the best of the services using Unified communication solutions, extended and integrated architecture to develop collaborations within and outside the enterprise using the cutting technologies. The effective technological advancement in video calling and conferencing techniques has minimized the boundaries on the globe.

Our firmly integrated best of breed application with experienced professionals have enabled us developing standardized enterprise collaboration architectures which are powered by SIP and provide connectivity to business applications. We are engaged in providing full support and are able to design and architectures, give consultations for catering the customers in diverse business units which impacts in increasing ROI.

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