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As technology is evolving, we are entering an age where a particular desk, phone or computer screen is no longer needed for work. Professionals have the freedom to share their skills and pursue new opportunities around the world, all it requires is the right device and cloud connection. Today in this post we will talk about Unified communication. Our aim to develop communication, collaboration and

Distance as well as time is the greatest limitations in doing a business and henceforth, the need of great importance is to diminish them however much as could be expected. For example, taking a choice is a piece of a business and includes the support of the considerable number of driving forces of a group. In any case, they may be caught up with designating

Unified Communication Systems abbreviated as UCS is a concept used to describe the integration of the enterprise communication services. These services include real Time information delivery, mobility features, instant messaging, faster rate of data sharing, and desktop sharing. Because if the unique features of Unified Communication Systems, it is widely used in the growth of the businesses. What are the types of Unified Communication System? When most

Business Communication through the use of telephone, internet, video chats, and instant messaging is just a multi channel experience. It involves multiple endpoint vendors across numerous platforms. Today’s workplace is not just limited to the office. It is widespread and can be operated from anywhere using adaptable internet access. With unified Communication services, you can easily cope with the fast moving world even from home,

The terms like video calling and video conferencing may seem synonymous but they are entirely different. A video call corresponds to the transmission and reception of audio and video signal at sender’s and receiver’s end such that a secured communication is established. While video conferencing is an online communication establishment where live audio and video transmission and reception involve multiple people at both sender’s and

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