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Adore`s Energy Management Solutions for Telecom Sites

Adore`s Energy Management Solutions for Telecom Sites

The telecom industry is an energy-hungry monster in which a great amount of energy is wasted within the inefficiencies of the ecosystem. This leaves room to not only save energy through renewable resources but also reduce the carbon emissions drastically.

This called for a need to review the energy consumption across various Telecom Sites. We have helped a lot of our customers in reducing the OPEX by adapting to smart and efficient utilization of energy which contributes a lot to OPEX of the Telcos. We have not only helped some of our customers saving upto 60% on Cooling costs in BTS, but also helped them saving costs of Diesel consumption by upto 55%. These stats can be measured in millions when it is realized.

Grne Energie

How often do we understand that the God who created this world also created abundant resources to make our daily life comfortable through the mother nature. One such great source of natural energy is Solar Energy and clubbing that efficiently with Telcos can save them millions.

How can this be game changer:
1. Environment Friendly.
2. Start Saving from Day1.
3. Noise Free Solution.
4. Remote Consumption Monitoring System.
5. Low O&M charges.
6. Best for remote or unmanned sites.
And counting….

Adore`s innovative Solar Powered BTS solutions have drastically reduced the Operation costs and also in line with Green India movement. There are many other areas in the current BTS Ecosystem which run inefficiently just because of mismanagement / human error such as the battery management, solar panel cleaning, maintenance methodologies, etc. If by just installing/altering small piece of equipment/s, a telecom company could save such large amounts of fuel and hence money, can you imagine what an IoT Telecom BTS Site ecosystem would mean for them….

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