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A perfect solution to achieve complete VoIP Billing

A perfect solution to achieve complete VoIP Billing

VoIP communication has almost swept the conventional mode of telephone network communication in today’s VoIP industry, due to its unrestricted advantages for both end users and businesses. As this is the trend that is happening, the VoIP market is experiencing an increase in the number of new entrepreneurs taking over the VoIP sector. But for them to thrive, this business has its own set of challenges.

If you happen to be among those aspiring VoIP providers, you should understand only a few important things. With VoIP services that you provide, an effective billing system should be in place that can monitor the use and billing of all your customers accordingly. Today I’ll be thinking about the VoIP Billing System in this article. So let’s continue from there.


What is VoIP Billing System?

VoIP billing systems are tools that allows the VoIP service provider and other VoIP companies to run their company effectively. We help with the systems of company management, monitoring, billing and payment. In addition, VoIP Billing solutions also provide comprehensive analytics, variable billing cycles, self-care for clients, DID management, and prepaid and postpaid payment services.

There are two ways for the software to be safe. Another is through Softswitch, and the other is via a stand-alone VoIP billing system. Once it comes to Softswitch, essentially the billing system is used as a different application for which you have to pay to use. The combination can offer features including routing, swapping, invoicing & billing, report production, etc. On the other hand, Third Party Company is developing its stand-alone VoIP billing system which offers exclusive billing options.

How third party VoIP Billing Software helps VoIP Business?

If the billing services provided by the primary Solution Provider are not sufficient, a third party VoIP billing system may be required. In these situations the VoIP provider may contact a third party billing company and state the specifications of the network.

The billing company then analyzes the device and provides the configuration according to the requirement. But for the VoIP provider, this entire thing is a huge hassle. He needs to search for and get ideas from different solution providers.

How to choose right VoIP Billing Software

 The following considerations will help you determine the right billing software for your company:

Cost: The cost of purchasing software for billing by softswitch is considerably small as it is available as a different application and runs on the same computer. Although billing software includes dedicated server to perform its billing functions.

Maintenance: As the billing system runs on a dedicated server, maintenance such as server updates and change of billing functions is easy without having to turn off the switch server and disrupt your clients VoIP services. Yet in the case of softswitch, as the VoIP billing system is stored on the same server for servicing the entire switch has to be taken down.

Customization: As per your VoIP business needs, you can completely configure a billing system. This is not true for softswitch, where the billing program has to deal with other functionalities of the switch.

Performance: In any case the output varies and depends on the number of customers the business manages. For instance, if you are a small VoIP service provider then softswitch would be the right choice because it is cost-effective and efficient. But if you are a major VoIP service provider then a dedicated VoIP billing system is suggested to manage more VoIP traffic in a seamless manner.

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