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A brief look of VoIP Phone Technology in forthcoming future

A brief look of VoIP Phone Technology in forthcoming future

VoIP technology which has been set as a de-facto standard today is paving its way to higher leverages in future. It was launched somewhere in 1990s and has continued its spark even till today. It has sought to become one of the influential and overpowering technologies as of 20th and 21st centuries. VoIP is a hot potato today for its ability to be known as the backbone of business organisations. Now it is predicted that it is going to have 9.8% growth in coming four years. From previous time of VoIP technology the streams which have continued to change the face of the technology can be counted as Web RTC is now added into the equation, Mobile has grown and yes voice continues to grow. Since 2008, mobiles have cropped up like bacteria on their best. They are proving to be the world eaters while PCs ebbing. Another dimension that has added to this mobile arena or vice versa is the knack of VoIP technology to be greatly and effortlessly being embedded in miniature gadgets. As of 2017 statistics, VoIP had grown to be valued $82.7 billion pacing at 6% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate). Concerning the short span of time VoIP has marveled to the advances so far.

Unified communication

Earlier VoIP lacked in some features. For example it lacked in having common standard of protocol and calling was possible on the same network. Interoperability on different platforms also didn’t exist. But with the introduction of SIP later it was all possible for the technology to render its users carefree about operating it on different platforms.

Last five years have seen a tremendous growth in VoIP technology with the proliferation of VoIP providers and service providers meeting business and user demands. Different ways in which VoIP will get integrated in coming future to prosper with advantages can be seen as follows. The Cloud plus VoIP translates to what is called cloud phone based system referred as Unified Communication System. It offers lower maintenance, lower upfront and lowers hardware costs. The amalgamation of Social Media and VoIP captured in online applications such as Skype, Line, and Whats App has widened the future scope of VoIP technology through the service called chatbot. Internet of Things (IOT) coalescing with VoIP will prove to enhancing productivity in automation over distributed network. Examples of its applications may include automatic GPS information update for employee status on VoIP extensions, text messages can be dropped into VoIP mailbox. Right now VoIP is successfully clubbing business and users with its cutting edge operatability.

Current VoIP trends and products embrace great levels of comprehensive business back-end analytics. With its gradual shift towards cloud services it has provided vast analysis in performance and management transforming business into their better versions of communication department. Earlier both the communicating parties must use same software but from 2016 platforms like Google hangouts, Skype has made video conferencing or other communication via using individual URLs. Those who do not have account activation or has downloaded app may also indulge in communication just by one click. Among devices such as VoIP switches and Softphone or VoIP mobile Dialer are the primary VoIP devices. Organisations have adopted a new Bring Your Own Device culture. Implications of VoIP in Unified Communication have shown exponential increase in technological advancements. With high level of customisation it is needless to say that VoIP bear lower costs. Transition towards cloud and utilisation of equipped mobile phones has made it so.

With leap in technological standards in VoIP technology, it is sure that it will embed thoroughly into real version of virtual world.

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